Integrity is implicit.

Third I Management Consultants provide skilled consultants to support all sizes of organisations. We specialise in improving performance, managing specific projects and initiatives and providing expertise to fulfil short to medium term roles. We are engaged for many reasons; our fair and balanced approach, our professional service, our expert advice and because we are simply good people.

Our mission

  • To work with good, quality clients and deliver a value for money professional service
  • To manage our time effectively to deliver better results for both clients and consultants
  • To develop informed industry and business service based networks

Company Overview

Welcome to a company that puts both its clients and its people at the heart of everything we do. We recognise that our team needs to be both valued and well rewarded for our clients to benefit the most from our service.

We truly believe that the value in our business and our offering to clients is our team of business professionals. We only provide highly skilled professionals dedicated to our business and to meeting clients’ needs.

Whether you need us to work as leaders or as part of an established team we can provide experts and facilitators and everywhere in between.

Why Choose Us