Our Performance Improvement consultants use proven methods to identify, define, quantify and analyse problems of performance in organisations, business units, teams, workgroups and individual employees.

  • Process and Performance improvement
  • Organisation / team / employee performance improvement – measure, design, review and implement modifications to process / procedure to increase output, increase efficiency or increase effectiveness at any level of an organisation
  • Lean Six Sigma – this primarily concerns initiatives to eliminate waste in eight areas:
  • Benchmarking – source, develop, evaluate and implement external and/or internal benchmarks as the points of reference
  • Business process engineering – design and implement changes to processes to achieve significant improvements in critical areas such as cost, quality, service and response time
  • Process improvement –implement process improvements that close performance gaps and remove process variation through streamlining, cycle time reduction and elimination of non-value-adding activities
  • Process mapping and (re)design – Facilitate workshops with your teams to map the process and redesign processes to improve the outcome and eliminate waste.